June 18, 2012

on the road

Hey guys,
It's squirrel. :oB

Damn, it's been long time since the last post, which means I have so much stuff to share with you.  Where should I start??
I finished 2 new jackets and had a photo shoot for the new ones including those embroidered items (you don't know what I am talking about? well why don't you check out the previous post! ) and then went to japan from late April to early May and met cool guys from leather sewing/dying factories.  They provided me a tremendous inspiration.  I definitely gotta talk about this to you but it would be a long story and I still have to fix the sleeves of my bomber jacket tonite, so for tonight, I should just tell you a kind of good short story of my husband, Caveman. 

"How did the Caveman come to California?"

It was 16 years ago.  Caveman was standing on the muddy alley staring at young hippie guys getting in an old bus which traveled from east coast to the west coast.   Its old engine was humming and about to hit the road.      Caveman was mad.  What was caveman mad about?  I don't really know.  Even the caveman must haven't known why.  He was just mad with no reason or maybe this young caveman was just bored.  He starts walking towards the bus and got in.  he does quick greetings to the hippie dudes and sits back on the back seat.   Then the bus starts moving slowly on the muddy alley and it gets faster and faster.
He never looked back.  He just sat back watching the passing view and that was it.  That's how caveman said good bye to his hometown and came to san francisco.

He's been here for 16 years straight since then.   I wonder what he was thinking when the landscape of his hometown greensboro passing the window of the bus and his story reminded me of a story about a rooster which was living in the park nearby my parents' house long time ago.    The rooster showed up suddenly out of nowhere.  Nobody knew how he got there.  He made a  cook doodle doo noise in early morning like 4 am or 5 am as a decent rooster.  You guys must think neighbors tried to get rid of him but my parents and their neighbors, surprisingly, loved him even though he woke them up so early.  Maybe he brought them some kind of nostalgia of old country life in Japan or something.  He was living in the park and kept performing his duty as a rooster every  morning.   One day, My mom saw a construction truck was parking right close to the tree which the rooster was using as a nest (he built his bed on the tree to, maybe, avoid attacks from stray cats.).    Then she saw the rooster flew down to the bed of the truck.  Soon later the truck started moving quietly  with the rooster on its bed and that was it...everything happened in a moment quietly and that was the last time my mom saw the rooster.  Somehow he decided to hit the road again.  There was no reason.  I guess he just missed the smell of wind....or something... and nobody saw him since then.

This is the story of Caveman and the traveling rooster and the video I put below is the song for the story.  "head full of doubts and road full of promises" by avett brothers.  The title fits quite well on these stories, doesnt it?  enjoy.
--- squirrel :oB