December 5, 2013

Meet the designer "squirrel"! :oB

the designer of snacku is featured on her art school blog.  the highlight of this interview is what the caveman said to her when she couldn't make it to new york fashion week.  also, check out what is most inspiring her now.  

November 4, 2013

snacku is featured in INSPIRARE magazine!

snacku is featured with a san francisco based denim brand, Mark Allison Jeans in the October issue of INSPIRARE MAGAZINE.
to view the magazine,  click here.  INSPIRARE 005  p.25 - p.35
thanks, Sean and Adrienne for making this happen!
here's some behind the scene photos!

February 17, 2013


Niita the cat is the youngest brother of my family.  He's an awesome cat.  He's very smart, very calm, very cute and very sweet.  Not everybody has this 4 elements at once.    He got a testicular cancer recently.  He looked like he survived the cancer after the surgery but recently my mom found something like pimples spotted on his body and those look never be cured. His doctor and my mom are now concerning if the cancer had already transferred  ( I hope not.) My mom has experienced lots of death of her family members. My dad passed away almost 10 years ago. After my dad's death my grandma and one of my aunts deceased. My mom has been incredibly brave in all those sadness and Niita has been the one who has supported her after my dad's death even though her two selfish daughters left her to the US.  Especially while she had to go through that craziness after the disaster in Japan, Niita was always there with her.  So my mom and Niita have a special bond. She confessed to me yesterday over the phone that this was actually the first time she really felt she was overwhelmed by the sadness of loosing someone very important even after she experienced lots of death of her family.  She started laughing and said what truly made her face to death was not her husband or parents.  This tiny cat is the one who makes her think of what life is or what death is we laughed.  I told the caveman about my mom's confession this morning and he said "Niita is the catalyst".  Then I came up with a joke like "yeah, Nitta the CAT is really the CATalyst". It is sad but funny. Our lives always have both sides.  Funniness in sadness. Sadness in funniness just like good funny jokes always have sadness in there somehow.  We laugh while we are in sadness or we cry while we are laughing.  Maybe we are just trying to balance out in that way or maybe it is some kind of instinct to survive...but anyway, seriously, hope Niita will survive.