Founded and based in San Francisco, CA.  snacku provides a classic yet humorous twist on handmade leather jackets.  Each snacku jacket has a serial number when it is assembled at the designer, squirrel's tiny factory.
Here's some greeting from the designer, squirrel!

Hi, I am the designer and also the cartoonist, the squirrel of snacku.  
People always ask me how it is pronounced.  Whatever you want to pronounce it.  I have an unique accent when I speak English and one day, I got so tired because of sewing / pattern making and said to my husband, the caveman, “hey it’s time for snack!! Let’s have some snack!”. And he got this epiphany.  He said “hey, your pronunciation of snack is funny. You should make it the name of your brand and it will be a very unusual and cool brand name!” 
That was actually a great idea because “snack” is something I want people feel toward my label.    My designs have always been about clothes that everybody can wear and feel cool and comfortable. My jackets are clothes that can be worn in the city or the country; in a stylish restaurant or at the park; for a night on the town or a lazy day with friends.  But still something special like the tiny happiness which snacks can bring to people.   the jackets have nice classic cuts with fun surprising but functional details and are made of high quality Italian lamb leather and sewn by skilled artisans and me in our tiny factory which the caveman call "squirrel factory".  It is a tiny special thing in your everyday life.   Haute couture as fine dining then you can understand that my designs are like a snack.    A snack is just a little nibble but everybody loves snacks.
and everybody should have a snacku!