November 20, 2011


it's funny.  caveman gives me a lot of nick names... "squirry", "bean", "bug", "worm"...his favorite one these days is "creature".  he even made it short and called me "creach" today...((chuckle))

caveman is a really funny guy.  Have you guys ever read short stories of Salinger?  There is a short story about a girl.   She was kinda difficult person, i remember.  Her boyfriend was one of the twins in glass family, Walt, and  he was the only one who could make this difficult girl laugh.  Caveman is like this.  He's the only one who can make this squirrel laugh out loud.   Once you meet him,  I'm sure you'll love him, too.

One of the funny things about this caveman is he loves chickens.  He has a huge collection of chicken goods like ceramic chickens, tin chickens, fluffy chickens.....oh and the chicken he got most recently was made of tons of chillies.(!!)  This chicken patch in our nest is huge and it is becoming bigger and bigger! 
People might ask "why chickens? " at the first time they visit us.  But there's no answer.  I didn't ask this question to caveman...I  just understood the fact that caveman loved chicken.  it was just natural...or even supernatural.  Maybe something was telling me there is a reason and I might had sensed it deep inside of my heart without knowing it......

The story I'll tell you today is the secret reason of caveman's chicken patch!!...sheeesh! come's a story of ghosts.  It's not the title of Paul Auster's book or album title of phish.    It is OUR story of ghosts!

As I told you before, I am not spiritual.  I don't have sixth sense at all.  Basically most of the squirrels are existentialists.  This squirrel as well, so you know... we don't believe "reincarnation" or the life after death.  Squirrel's motto for life is "carpe diem".  "Seize the day!"  But still I think it is mentally "healthy" to think there could be invisible things exist in this world.  I mean it is arrogant to think the human being can see everything and the world is made of only what we can see.  When this kind of arrogance gets connected to thoughtlessness,  there's always a bad ending waiting for us.  You know what I mean?

Most of the "ghost" can be explained as an illusion of our brains.  When I was a teenage squirrel I read an interesting article about brain.  Let's say your drunken neighbor came home and slammed the door and the noise woke you up.   Your body suddenly wakes up because of the noise but your brain is still sleeping so your brain gets confused and reflects the image in your brain to your actual view.  That reflection is what people call a ghost.   This happened to me long time ago.  I came home drunk and passed out. I don't know how long I was sleeping but suddenly I woke up and stared at the ceiling.....something was moving.  I could see it clearly.  It was cute foxes wearing japanese traditional bridal costumes and they are marching to celebrate their wedding celemony.  I was surprised but I knew the "trick" of brains so I wasn't scared at all.  Actually the illusion looked very happy so i was cool and never scared.  since then i hadn't have that kind of brain illusion until i had one at this caveman and squirrel's nest.

One night i was sleeping.  Caveman was next to me as usual.  then suddenly for some reason i woke up.  i just opened my eyes and staring at the hallway.  It was dark as usual but what was unusual was ......a rooster was there.  It was actually a man which has a rooster head.  he was like native american's spirit or something.  kinda cool lookin' funky rooster guy.  and again, I wasn't scared because caveman was sleeping next to me and i knew the "trick" so i kept staring at him.  He actually looked like a very laidback cool dude.   He waved his wing like hand very friendly to me and suddenly looked away and started inviting someone who was at somewhere in the hallway...Then another rooster dude appeared.   The two big laidback rooster dudes were standing there at the door of our bedroom.  I was like "wooo, this is surrealistic and cool or what?"  then they started inviting me like "hey come join us! come! come!"   Then the caveman started rolling over...and the next moment those playful rooster dudes were gone.  and I just rolled over and went back to sleep as if nothing happened...crazy, huh? 

Sometimes I still wonder what could happen if caveman did'nt roll over and i went with them.   I kinda wanna believe they were real ghosts and they are the reason why caveman is so obsessed with chicken statues.   They are manipulating caveman and chuckling every time caveman gets a new chicken item...

That's all folks!  This is the story behind our chicken patch and also that "rising roosters" as guardian angels behind St. caveman in my snack:u illuminated manuscript.  Hope you guys had fun reading this!

oh,,,,(FIY, I never smoke weed )