May 30, 2015

50 shades of black.

So the rib has some problems. My next collection will be all about black. there are two big reasons that it has to be black.  One of them is because my inspiration is the cure the band and the other reason is black is the easiest one to source materials, which means easy to "mass"produce stuff, even though my brand is a small batch production brand. I wanted to use rib details as a cute accent.  Then this rib I was so excited to import from the supplier in England ended up in a bit of disappointment. It has no good elasticity. So I went back to a bit more pricier rib I found domestically but the next problem happened was the shade of the black color rib has didn't match the shade of leather.  In terms of the color match, the one from England is better.  I have another supplier I found overseas which can dye to match the color but considering the cost for dye to math and also the shipping fee, it's not workable.   I thought black is the best solution but even black has problems.  Garment business is harder than you think.  Still it is fun for me! will figure out the way! We'll see!  :o)
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